A Special Fundraiser

“Helping Kylie Receive a Service Dog”

I have known this family for over 20 years and am honored to do my part to help 15 year old Kylie reach her goal in acquiring a service dog.

She has been hospitalized several times and has been diagnosed as bipolar and has severe anxiety disorders. She is trying to raise enough money to get a psychiatric service dog to help her.

The medication she’s on, can make her dizzy sometimes and walking in the halls at school causes her anxiety. The service dog will also help her to remember to take her medicine on time and when she’s having hallucinations, help her to determine what is real and keep her out of danger.

With your purchase of a 7 oz. jar candle from Perfect Scents for just $7.00, Kylie will receive $3.50 to put towards getting her service dog. Any support you can give, would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank You!


7 oz. Jar Candle

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