Perfect-Scents began in the fall of 2011 when I refused to pay an ungodly amount for a named brand large jar candle. So, after searching around on the web, I found a kit to make my own candles.

I chose to go with soy wax because they are made from vegetable products rather than petroleum products, they burn 50% longer than other wax candles and they burn cleaner, as well.

I made a few candles for friends and family and got great feedback on the look, the length of time they burned and, of course, the scents. Later, I gave some candles to my mother who took them to work with her and her boss at work agreed to sell some candles at the winery gift shop.

At that point I had to come up with a business name and file all the necessary paperwork needed. While I was pouring a small batch of candles, my mother picked up one of the candles and said, “What a perfect scent.” Perfect Scents popped into mind as a perfect name for the business. From them on I continued to sell my hand poured candles and soaps by word of mouth and at different craft shows.

Now, it’s time to share these candles, soaps and accessories with everyone. It’s a job I love to do and I look forward to experimenting and trying new ideas to sell in my online store.